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Exceptional Service Program (ESP)

The MK Quilts Exceptional Service Program (ESP) is a service program that is available for any Handi Quilter manufactured machine.

ESP can be purchased at a discount with a new or used machine bought from MK Quilts or by those who no longer have a trusted dealer to support them.

30% off When Buying a Machine from MK Quilts

Your machine is only as good as your retailer!


Lowest Allowed Machine Price - Guaranteed! 

We will sell you the machine at the lowest price allowed by our retailer agreement.  You do not need to wait for a sale.  

All Machines Come with
New Owner Training Video

Each machine will come with access to our extensive "New Owner Training" video that exceeds standard retailer training requirements.

You choose if you want ESP!

ESP is essential unless this is a second machine for you, where downtime won't disrupt your activities. For many individuals, this isn't merely a hobby; it's their business. Without ESP, traditional repair timelines could stretch into weeks, causing you significant delays.

Unlock a 30% discount on ESP when you bundle it with a new machine purchase. Already own a machine? No worries! You can enhance your existing setup with ESP, regardless of its origin or purchase history.

Included in the Exceptional Service Program

  1. We are your first call:  MK Quilts is the only place you need to call for support.  Say goodbye to long waits in support queues and expect weekend after hours callbacks.
  2. Service for Life:  ESP provides service for the life of your device.  Membership can be transferred to a new owner for a small fee, increasing the resale value of your system.
  3. Priority Service:  Enjoy VIP treatment with priority callbacks, including after hours and weekends.
  4. Reduced Downtime:  Receive the benefit of our extensive parts inventory, fast shipping and quicker resolution times.
  5. Efficient Remote Support saves time and money:  Get instant help through video conferencing and remote access software, eliminating the added cost and time waiting for an onsite visit.
  6. Exclusive Training Access:  Accessing premium online and interactive training from MK Quilts University with a one-year Premium Membership per device.  
  7. Special Service Discounts:  Receive a full year of free labor* on service issues and a 50% savings on future labor charges.  (*when applied to machines under warranty.)
  8. Accessory Discounts:  Get 10% off on most accessories, tools, fabric and kits at the MK Quilts online store and in person in the quilt shop.  (Some restrictions apply.)
  9. Community Membership:  Join an active community of satisfied longarmers.  Gain confidence, increase productivity, learn from and with experienced quilters, all while having fun on your journey.

Why is MK Quilts Exceptional?

MK Quilts is recognized as the leading Handi Quilter retailer in providing support that surpasses expectations.  People have repeatedly told us, "I wish MK Quilts was my retailer."  Here is the opportunity.

"MK Quilts has the most amazing business model. They have figured out how to serve the quilting community, from piecing supplies, to Longarm sales, to support and education for Longarms, to software, to the best customer service around!"
Samson profile
Sandra O'Hara - MK Quilts Loyal Customer

Benefits that are unmatched by other retailers

Superior Technical Expertise

For over six years, MK Quilts has developed and/or worked with some of the best certified technicians.  We stay deeply involved with the Handi Quilter Quality Assurance team to insure that any issues are quickly identified and resolved.  Our previous experience in enterprise I.T. allows us to better understand and support the new technology.

Professional Training

Membership in the MK Quilts University is included in the ESP.  This includes the best training on how to use your machine, including the Pro-Stitcher.  You can step up into the machine repair training programs to learn to support your own system.

Immediate Access to Parts and Supplies

MK Quilts maintains a large inventory of parts required to facilitate repairs at an accelerated pace.  Loaner equipment is available to minimize downtime.  Urgent means same day shipping and same day repairs.


Please believe the over 160 5-star reviews and ask about us on social media.

“I'm from Maryland, and after much research, I chose to buy my Handi Quilter Forte from MK Quilts in Florida. I could not be happier with my decision, I feel like I purchased from old friends. Paul's set up instructions are more detailed than HQ's and with MK's University videos I feel completely confident I can get training in every aspect of my machine. I also really like that the videos are not static, you can post questions and MK will answer them. 10 stars!”
Kin West - Happy MK Quilts Owner

“Upgraded my Fusion to a Forte. But first I wanted to make my table smaller. Paul was very helpful explaining how to do it and sent the parts I need. One trip to the metal fabrication company and my frame is now 10 ft!

Then my machine arrived.
Start a quilt and it wasn’t stitching right . Video chat with Paul and did some trouble shooting. Set parts and talked me through the process. Ended up being the encoder. I was able to change it myself with his instructions. Machine is up and running.

Paul was very quick to figure this out through a video chat and get me on my way to my quilts!
By the way, I’m in NH so don’t let the distance be a problem when you are considering a purchase. The customer service is the best!
Thanks so much Paul!”

Cheryl Durkee - Happy MK Quilts Owner
“My machine broke down on Tuesday. I order parts from MK Quilts on Tuesday; they arrived on Friday. I was able to get my machine up and running by myself. Courage to do this came because I knew if I ran into trouble, I could count on help from MK Quilts! They are honest, helpful and want you to be successful.

I have been an MK University Premium and member from the beginning. Learning MK's processes have helped me build a successful business.

If I had known about them when I bought my machine 7.5 years ago, I would have done what I could to purchase from them, despite living across the country.

Thank you!”
Teresa - Wishes she was an MK Owner

Get the exceptional support your deserve!

Our service stands out like the difference between a high-end vacation resort and a budget motel. You have invested significantly in your machine and deserve royal treatment. Ensure you enroll in our Exceptional Service Program for your machine.